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Hayes Meadow Primary School

"Be the Best We Can Be"

Hayes Meadow Vision

Our vision is that Hayes Meadow Primary School will create a safe, supportive and friendly environment and enable all pupils to have high aspirations which enable them to succeed and have a lifelong love of learning.

StarEvery child will value themselves as a unique individual with special qualities and strengths and will have a strong social and moral grounding on which to base relationships and decision and be a positive ambassador for Hayes Meadow.


StarEvery child will take responsibility for their actions and have respect and understanding of the beliefs, values and needs of others in the local and global community. 


StarEvery child will achieve the highest standards of which they are capable through developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across an exciting and inspiring curriculum and become a life-long learner.


StarEvery child will be a highly motivated, skilled and resilient learner, actively involved in their own learning through self-evaluation and awareness of learning goals, able to reflect on their learning and be willing to accept constructive comments and guidance.


StarEvery child will welcome new experiences and be courageous in their learning, which will develop their confidence to tackle challenges, solve problems and make mistakes within a secure environment, independently or collaboratively.

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