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Hayes Meadow Primary School

"Be the Best We Can Be"


Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

At Hayes Meadow Primary School we aim to work together to ensure pupils can 'Be the Best They Can Be'.  
The school staff and Governors recognise that some pupils will require medication at school to enable them to access the curriculum and improve the quality of school and home life.  

Hayes Meadow Primary School aims to: 

Give all children access to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum in order to achieve their aspirations;  

  • Create a caring, supportive and stimulating environment;  
  • Create an ethos of high expectation and celebrate personal success both in school and from outside school activities;  
  • Foster self-esteem and value as an individual;  
  • Promote self-awareness and respect for others;  
  • Meet the needs of learners with specific medical conditions;  
  • Meet the needs of learners with special educational needs;  
  • Provide a smooth transition for all children moving through or coming into and out of our school through effective communication and liaison.  

Overall responsibility for the support of pupils with medical needs lies with the Headteacher. The Headteacher will ensure that:  

  • sufficient staff are suitably trained;  
  • all relevant staff will be made aware of the child’s condition;  
  • cover arrangements in case of staff absence or staff turnover will ensure someone is always available;  
  • supply teachers will receive briefing on medical needs;  
  • risk assessments for school visits, holidays, and other school activities outside ofthe normal timetable include provision for medical needs;  
  • individual healthcare plans are monitored and reviewed at least annually.  


Procedure to be followed when notification is received that a pupil has a medical condition:

When the school is notified that a pupil has a medical condition a meeting should be held between the parents and the person responsible for updating individual healthcare plans to ensure all facts are known. Training needs for staff will be identified and arranged through the school nurse. Parents will sign the completed plan to ensure they are satisfied with the arrangements in place. All staff will be informed of the updated healthcare plan.


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