Parents - Complaints Procedure

Complaints Policy


In accordance with Section 29 of the Education Act 2002, all local authority (LA) maintained schools must have and make available a procedure to deal with all complaints relating to their school and to any community facilities or services that the school provides. 

A 'concern' may be defined as 'an expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important for which reassurances are sought'.  A complaint may be generally defined as 'an expression of dissatisfaction however made, about actions taken or a lack of action'.  It is in everyone’s interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage.  Many issues can be resolved informally, without the need to invoke formal procedures.  Hayes Meadow Primary School take informal concerns seriously and makes every effort to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. 

There are occasions when complainants would like to raise their concerns formally.  In those cases, the school’s formal procedure will be invoked through the stages outlined within this policy. 



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